1. Digital Marketing
  2. Web/App Development
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Online/Social Media Marketing


  1. Interactive Marketing
  2. Gift Marketing
  3. Logo Marketing
  4. Merchandising


  1. Market & Competator Research
  2. Sales & Accounts Research
  3. Customer & Product Research
  4. Risk & Quality Research


  1. Customer Management(Existing)
  2. Customer Management(New)
  3. Public Relations
  4. Customer Support Management


  1. Inter-Client Ad
  2. Office Management and Monitoring
  3. Business Consultant
  4. Employee Management
  5. Stratigic Management


Online Service

These services will manage Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) businesses online. All the operations related to - reaching customers, advertisement, marketing will be done online. Other optional services include web development, app development, social media management etc.

Offline Service

These services will manage business in real world. To ensure low cost and benefited solutions we want to operate in covert marketing depending on the business model. Other marketing approach includes sending greetings, gifts and promotional offers at customer’s doorstep. Special services include brand marketing and merchandising for boosting your product value.

Analytics Service

These services are based on research and development. WEAYS will handle the market research, consumer preference, risk analysis, competitor analysis and many important data analysis jobs which small businesses often try to ignore as it’s time consuming and boring. The collected data will also help WEAYS reaching new levels.

Customer Service

These services are related to CRM and PR activity. WEAYS will collect customer reviews, experience and requirements to create brand awareness, maintain good relationship and understanding customer need for a business.

Internal Service

These are the most important service plan we want to recommand you. It is related to manage internal operations of business. WEAYS will recommend suitable employee for the business based on the requirements. It includes - handling accounts, maintaining/ managing office, business consultancy etc.